The Horse and His Boy © Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 Art History Images - Holley Hayes A real place loved by C. S. Lewis Cover of one of the editions of the book A clear theme in The Horse and His Boy is the longing they both feel for a home that the horse barely remembers and the boy has forgotten. The Horse and His Boy, written by C. S. Lewis and published in 1954, in story sequence is the third in the The Chronicles of Narnia series. Summary of the beginning of the story: As a baby, Shasta is found at a beach by Arsheesh, a Calormene fisherman, who raises the boy. Shasta, who calls the cruel Arsheesh "father" without really feeling like his son, longs to see what is over the northern hills. One night, he overhears Arsheesh bargaining to sell the boy to a powerful nobleman of questionable character. Shasta also hears, to his relief, that he is not Arsheesh's son. That night, Shasta meets Bree, the nobleman's stallion, and is amazed to hear the animal talk to him. The two make plans to escape slavery by riding north together to Narnia. photo by scatterkeir photo by jyllish