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Recognizing the Problem of W.A.P.N.

By Investigative Journalist Jonathan David Whitcomb

Before examining the problem of Western Addiction to the Philosophy of Naturalism (WAPN), let me explain part of how I became involved in combating the spread of this malady. About twelve years ago, I began investigating reports of apparent living pterosaurs. During those twelve years, I’ve encountered people who reacted to those reports in one of three ways:

  1. General belief in the possibility of modern pterosaurs
  2. General doubt about modern pterosaurs
  3. Extreme antagonism

I came to see that persons of the third category appeared to have succumbed to WAPN. The criticism differed greatly from scientific skepticism. Some attacks were against me personally, frantic attacks that included accusations that I had been dishonest. I won’t go into details here, but it was surprising how unscientific some professors, apparent scientists, can become in railing against a person who has taken a stand outside the walls of naturalism philosophy.

Support for Recent Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs

  1. Carbon-14 dating of dinosaur bones
  2. Soft tissue in dinosaur bones
  3. Acambaro figurines

What would one expect to find from carbon dating of dinosaur bones, if those dinosaurs actually lived within the past few thousand years or tens of thousands of years ago? We would expect to find radioactive carbon (C14 should decay away if it were millions of years old). Guess what is found. Dinosaurs so dated are indeed found to be young, far younger than many scientists had believed possible, under the beliefs of traditional naturalism philosophy.

What would one expect to find from cutting into many fossils of dinosaurs, if those bones were much younger than many millions of years old? Soft tissue, in some of those bones, making them appear too young to fit within the philosophy of naturalism—that’s what we could expect. Extremely ancient dinosaurs should not have soft tissue in their fossils. Guess what is found. Soft tissue in some T-Rex bones and soft tissue in the fossils of other dinosaurs.

What might come up among many thousands of figurines that were created thousands of years ago, if that ancient civilization had contact with living dinosaurs? Some of those figurines might show a representation of living dinosaurs, and that is what we find in many figurines in and around Acambaro, Mexico.

How are Advocates of Naturalism Philosophy Addicted?

When a person begins to feel important with the concept that no divine being with superior intelligence exists, that feeling of self importance can be addictive. Like drug addiction, it can lead to greater dependence on heavier dosages. A professor can get hooked on a thought resembling the possibility that no other being in the universe is more intelligent.

But even if the addicted person believes in the possibility of higher intelligence (but non-divine) in some other part of the universe, that addict can get an over-inflated ego, thinking that he or she is not responsible to God for any behavior, if there is no God.

Some professors, especially science teachers, are prone to becoming addicted to naturalism philosophy, although they will not recognize it and commonly call that philosophy “science.”

What is Naturalism Philosophy?

According to Wikipedia, it is the “idea or belief that only natural (as opposed to supernatural or spiritual) laws and forces operate in the world.”

It became more popular after Darwin, and is now improperly called “science.”



C-14 Dating of Dinosaur Bones

Scientists of all religious beliefs, of all origin philosophies, would agree that carbon-14 dating (also known as radiocarbon or 14C dating) cannot place any time frame on anything close to a million years, let alone “65 million years ago.”

A Philosophy Buried Beneath Fossils

How does one interpret the meaning of fossils? The world view adopted by a scientist—that determines the meanings that scientist derives from fossils . . .

Pterosaur Deception?

Dr. Prothero, however, has fallen into the worst form of that fallacy [bulverism], accusing a person of being deceitful rather than discussing the disagreement.

Modern Pterosaur

Since Darwin wrote about his conjectures on the origin of life,  dinosaur and pterosaur fossils have been offered as if scientific  evidence for his philosophy of universal common ancestry. . . . [But that approach has big problems.]

Acambaro Figurines and Dinosaurs Alive

Dr. Dennis Swift has spoken much and written much about the concept that people, in earlier centuries, have lived with dinosaurs. The following is just a brief summary of what he has revealed about evidences that ancient people have lived with extant dinosaurs.



cover of the non-fiction book "Live Pterosaurs in America" - third editionLive Pterosaurs in America (third edition) nonfiction book

Whitcomb believes the overall eyewitness evidence points to more than one species of pterosaurs living in the U.S. . . . This new edition gives you new evidence, more than was  in the first two editions. In particular, the Carson sighting  in Cuba greatly supports Eskin Kuhn’s account . . .