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Guess Where These Came From

The Visual Delights of Mandelbrot Math

I (Jonathan Whitcomb) recommend the following site for creating Mandelbrot art online:

Explore the Mandelbrot Set 

It does not seem to have absolute control over colors, at least not in detail, but the choices are delightful, especially when you take the time to find the color combinations that you most like:

  • Spectrum
  • Earth and Sky
  • Hot and Cold
  • Forest
  • Seashore
  • Fire
  • Red/Cyan
  • Blue/Gold
  • Gray scale
  • Cyclic gray scale
  • Random


The following seven images I “created” (no download required) early in February of 2018. Click to enlarge an image:



Who created these works of art? I made certain choices about color and a few other matters, but the principle contents of these images, the remarkable patterns, came from mathematical calculations related to fractional dimensions. Don’t ask me for details; just do a search with “Mandelbrot images”.