Living Pterosaur Expert Jonathan Whitcomb Interviewed

On August 18, 2013, the cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb was interviewed on Monster X Radio. Here are some brief excerpts from that online talk show:

J. Whitcomb:

“I was able to interview three young men up in a remote village up near the mountain around the crater lake called “Pung.” . . . I was fortunate to get this eyewitness and two others that were with him. . . .


“What were the ages of these gentlemen?”

J. Whitcomb:

“When I met them in 2004, they [were] around their early twenties . . . the sighting itself was about ten years [earlier] . . . as I recall, they were in their late childhood [or] early teenage years at the time [of my interviewing them]. They went up to Lake Pung; it was the first time for Gideon . . . within a few minutes (and this was in the middle of the day) . . . this huge creature, they call it ropen, . . . came flying over the lake . . . fairly low altitude over the lake . . . it just scared them terribly . . . all seven of them ran home.”

“I asked [Gideon], ‘How big were the wings?’ . . . (He wanted to answer all my questions in English.) . . . When I said ‘wings,’  . . . he thought I meant ‘wing,’ and he said, ‘seven meters,’ which is a huge wingspan. . . . It actually turned out to be . . . one wing, and he said that the tail was seven meters [long]. . . . The wingspan would be . . . close to forty-five feet.

Host: “Wow! That’s like a small Cesna.”


Jonathan Whitcomb Interviewed on Monster X Radio

I was pleased with the two hour interview last night, on Monster X Radio, with hosts “Johnny Bigfoot” and Shane Corson. Two living-pterosaur eyewitnesses called in, giving their personal accounts of encounters. Those two sightings were in South Carolina and in Arkansas.

Pterodactyl Expert

 I do not examine fossils of pterodactyls, I examine eyewitness testimony.


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