Live Dragon in Los Angeles

Has clear thinking been evicted when people believe in a live dragon in Los Angeles County? When details in several eyewitness sighting reports are examined carefully, and compared with accounts from other areas of California, other areas of the United States, and other areas of the world, then an apparent long-tailed pterosaur here is actually credible.

In June of this year, in a peaceful residential neighborhood in Lakewood, northeast of Long Beach, a lady was shocked to see a featherless creature with a wingspan of at least six feet and a long tail. The end of that tail made the lady think it looked like a dragon, for it was triangular.

Other Sightings of Apparent Pterosaurs in Los Angeles County:

  • San Fernando Valley, 2009 (wings more like a bat than a bird)
  • Santa Fe Springs area, around 2006 (long-tailed “pterodactyl”)
  • Santa Fe Springs area, (so/Pico Rivera) early 2005 (huge “pterodactyl”)
  • Altadena (north of Pasadena) around 1968 (giant “pterodactyl”)

Other Long-Tailed Pterosaurs in California:

  • Orange County, 2007 (giant ropen flying in daylight)
  • San Diego, late 2011 (two giant flying creatures seen by two men)

Other Long-Tailed Flying Creatures in the United States

  • South Carolina, about 1989 (huge pterosaur flew over highway in daylight)
  • North Carolina, 2010 (tail with diamond-shape at the end)

Other Apparent Rhamphorhynchoid Pterosaurs Around the World

  • Mainland of New Guinea, 1944 (“huge” “pterodactyl” with tail “at least” 10-15 feet long) – sighting by Hodgkinson
  • Bougainville Island, New Guinea, 1971 (“prehistoric” long-tailed flying creature) – sighting by Hennessy

A deep storm channel in Lakewood, Los Angeles County, California

Storm drainage canal connected to near where a large ropen or “dragon” was reported in daylight, on June 19, 2012 (Lakewood, California, NE of Long Beach)


Los Angeles County’s Modern Pterosaurs

Americans who have been raised watching science fiction movies about dinosaurs and pterosaurs may find it strange that one of those creatures might actually fly over Hollywood at night. But that’s what appears to be happening, at least sometimes in some parts of Los Angeles County.

Ropen Close to Long Beach, California

In the middle of a residential neighborhood, in the middle of the day, a 38-year-old woman saw what she at first called a “dragon pteradactal.” The featherless winged creature was sitting on a telephone cable above her backyard . . .


cover of the non-fiction book "Live Pterosaurs in America" - third edition

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