Pterodactyls on Television

“Clear thinking” was mentioned recently, on a recorded interview to be on Canadian Television around October of 2012. The subject was living pterosaurs, when Jonathan Whitcomb was interviewed by radio-television host Richard Syrett on May 5, 2012, in Long Beach, California.

Richard Syrett interviews Whitcomb in Long Beach

The radical nature of the idea of living “pterodactyls” came up but “clear thinking” involved the problem of dogmatic assertions of universal extinction. Whitcomb believes that clear thinking will enable readers to see that eyewitnesses are telling the truth, even though there are not yet any convincing photos or videos of living pterosaurs.

The thirty-minute television talk show for Canada (commercials are included in those thirty minutes) is too short to include much of what Whitcomb explained in his interview, for other cryptozoologists were also interviewed by Syrett.

“The Conspiracy Show” and Pterosaurs

Aside from a conjecture about Marfa Lights of Texas, Whitcomb mentioned his expedition on Umboi Island in 2004. He interviewed the native Gideon Koro, who had seen, with six friends, a huge ropen flying over Lake Pung in daylight.

Creationists are Interviewed for a Canadian Television Show

Syrett also asked me about my creationist beliefs. I mentioned my differing view of the first part of Genesis: I don’t think it refers to the creation of the universe. Regarding the meaning of living pterosaurs, I referred to the Flood of Noah, that it demonstrates how God protecting the basic types of life, protecting life from extinction.

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