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“Beat That Kid in Chess” is a book for the raw beginner
Chess Book for a Beginner
For the Early Beginner Beat That Kid in Chess could be the best book for the raw beginner. It systematically walks the reader through one type of checkmate and then another, balancing the checkmate patterns with other kinds of tactics. From the Amazon page for this chess book: “This book has been carefully crafted for the raw beginner who wants to win a chess game as soon as possible. It's for the beginner who knows the rules but not much else. Children, teenagers, and adults can benefit from these lessons and the two chapters of exercises: simple and advanced exercises . . .” From the official site for this chess book: “The best lessons for the raw beginner to quickly learn to win chess games (reading level: teenagers and adults)” Quoting from the book Beat That Kid in Chess: Introduction: “This book can take you into a level that should help you defeat many beginners, at least sometimes. In other words, you will no longer be a raw beginner and will instead be able to defeat raw beginners, at least more often than you lose. And it may be easier than you think.” Chapter One: “This is the first of several altered positions, some of which change what is possible for white to do. In Diagram-2, the black queen on the f8 square prevents white from giving checkmate. Don’t ask me the origin of the phrase  “giving  checkmate,” for I don’t know. The person doing the “giving” takes away the prize of a victory.” Chapter Two: “In Diagram-10, which side has a material advantage? The white bishop is about as valuable as the black knight, but white has an extra pawn. This position illustrates a general principle: When you are ahead in material, try to make even exchanges of non-pawns.” Chapter Three: “Have you ever been checkmated soon after the game got started? This chapter will show you how to avoid getting knocked out early. It can also show you how to keep alive later in a game.”
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